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!! OMG gossip: Hugh Jackman showed it all for 'Wolverine' !!

Hugh Jackman's Wolverine nude footage [the superficial]

Jennifer Garner has carpet burn on the red carpet [l.a. rag mag]

Kristen Stewart rides boyfriend Michael Angarano [pop sugar]

OMG someone stole Carla Bruni's nude photos! Quelle scandale! [yeeeah]

The Hills will continue on without LC [pitnb]

New fancy masks for Michael Jackson's kids [celebitchy]

And new creepy Michael Jackson belongings auctioned off... Mainly statues of himself. [tabloid prodigy]

Wendy Williams has been suspended indefinitely from radio pending a mysterious investigation [celeb smack]

Linda Hogan fears that Hulk might "pull an O.J." [dlisted]

Australian soap star Lincoln Lewis shows off his six-pack for his fans at the mall [socialite life]

OMG, he's a Democrat now: Sen. Arlen Specter [towleroad]

Major model Alex Geerman shows some peen [oh la la, link nsfw]

OMG aging porn stars! [bwe]

OMG gossip: Lauren Conrad defends her ability to write
OMG gossip: Michael Phelps riding low
OMG gossip: Angelina is the best person
OMG gossip: Macho man-on-man action
OMG gossip: Gywneth vs. Winona virtual catfight

» posted by Frank on Wednesday, April 29, 2009
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Re the item listed: "Hugh Jackman's Wolverine nude footage". That's another example of annoyingly deceptive wording from OMG. Is that sort of distortion really necessary? Did you used to work for FOX News or something?

» posted by jakeoff | April 29, 2009 9:01 PM

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