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!! OMG, tell me it’s true: Clueless Sequel !!

The only Cher in my life, Alicia Silverstone, was spotted shopping in LA with Clueless director Amy Heckerling (who also directed Look Who’s Talking and Fast Times at Ridgemont High), sparking rumours of a Clueless redux. According to sources at THE STAR:

“They were talking about the script they’re working on and how exciting this is for them,” an eyewitness tells Star.

Explains a source, “It’s been a dream of Alicia’s to bring Cher back to the big screen. Amy is writing it, but Alicia is giving her tons of ideas.”

No confirmation of pre-production was found on Heckerling’s IMDB page, but in the words of Morrissey, please please please let me let me let me, let me get what I want this time!
Scooped from Joe.

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    Paul Rudd better be in it!!! 🙂

    Idea: instead of “Emma”, base the sequel on “Persuasion”.

    You are so silly, OMG! What do you call Batman & Robin! Honestly!!!

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