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!! OMG, a disco inferno: Lioness! !!

Rising from the ashes of defunct Toronto punk acts No Dynamics and controller.controller, Lioness is a dark and dirty disco band with arena-rock sympathies. Diligent readers will know Lioness from lead singer Vanessa Fischer’s Movie Memory contribution from a while back. Recently she managed to pry herself away from ogling Viggo Mortensen’s bloodied man bits in Eastern Promises long enough to record an EP and subsequent remix project called Omens, Oracles and Signs.
Despite a lot of hype about a remixer renaissance in Toronto, Lioness seems to be one of the view bands in the city to take full advantage. The result is a series of epic dance floor burners, of which we have the CCenturieSS remix of “You’re My Heart” for your downloading pleasure. Cop it below.

DOWNLOAD MP3: “You’re My Heart (CCenturieSS Remix)” by Lioness

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