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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, he’s naked: Marco Dapper !!

Model/actor (hooker/waitress?) Marco Dapper has appeared on such TV shows as 90210 (the new one), Dirty Sexy Money, Veronica Mars, and the critically acclaimed film Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds. If you couldn’t get enough of Marco in Eating Out 2, you can see him in Serving Seconds: The Making of Sloppy Seconds. And if you still can’t get enough of him, you can see his danglies in an NSFW screen grab after the jump!


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    It looks like he’s wearing a prosthetic! Like an anatomically correct Ken doll.

    HUGE balls

    Holy balls.

    lolz, i have to get my hands on those movies! 😉

    Balls to spare!

    that film he is in is hilarious honestly and he does go full frontal and it is not prostetic u have to watch the film it is great and omg he has so many gay scenes etc… fucking amazinnnnnnnnnnnnng i only watched it to see him get naked and go on with a man and it was well fucking worth it http://www.watch-movies-links.net its on there its called eating out 2 – sloppy seconds

    They’re like those balls that rednecks hang from the back of their trucks, except not lopsided. Wonder if he wears a ball-bra? They sure are sitting up high!

    Marco Dapper, is a MAN in the whole sense. I watched EO2, just because of him, and there’s not a single waste in that body, from smile… to balls… pardon me… to toes!!!
    Lucky the girl who gets to have him.

    His balls look like those metal ones you see dangling off the back bumper of a pick-up truck.

    What a beautiful set of balls with dick to match.

    yum yum.

    this cant be real
    i mean look at his genitals
    they look perfect
    maybe too perfect?

    What a yummy dick! omg I luv his huge balls. Yummy yummy.

    I wanna stick his balls in my mouth and suck him dry. He has big balls AND a great body. That’s hard to find.

    he is a masterpiece. And, he is a pretty decent actor too. Sloppy seconds is a good watch. Pretty funny.

    no way it can be real if so must be eaten up with std looks stiff

    great site

    Would love to feel that manhood deep in my mouth. Yummy

    OMFG i want to suck all of there dicks

    His cock and balls have a horrible pale color, his balls hang to low, and sadly he is cut and has ugly ridges on his cock. His body is nice, but his genitals make me want to throw up -no thanks.

    OMG I soooooo wanna suck his cock and I can’t stop thinking about how it would feel if his big hard cock in me

    He is very hot, and now a late night show host on Home Shopping Network. I have spent thousands just watching him. LOL

    Amazing body and awesome cock. I would love to suck him dry. He’s a babe!

    So funny reading these comments over how all these guys think he has a great dick and balls they want to suck and so forth when that is a fake prosthetic over it. Someone claimed he said it was real in an interview. If so he is lying. It is obvious. Cant you tell both in the pic and in the movie. I saw the movie the balls just hang and dont move at all like real balls would. The coloring is also off. Hilarious guys are turned on by this prosthetic and want to suck it lol

    actually they do dangle and move… this is real if you re watch the movie and look closely when he gets naked you will see that they do in fact move, not prosthetic… all actors that get naked in the eating out series don’t use prosthetics real dick and balls all the time

    It seems he hasn’t masturbated in days so his testicles are full of semen! He can ejaculate in my ass any time he want!!

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