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!! OMG, he’s back: Simon Rex !!

Simon Rex, who you may remember as the former MTV personality who made a JERK-OFF VID (link NSFW), is back and owning his controversy in the hopes of creating a new television show. Check out the trailer above with guest stars such as Paris Hilton, Jamie Pressly, and of course Lance Bass. See the full pilot after the jump.
Via Corey.

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    dear paris,,simon is totally hot..and talented..you should help him……stop being
    such a bitch….god hates bitches…xxoo paul

    Carolina Liar, I believe. “Show Me What I’m Looking For” or something.
    vids wouldn’t load for me.

    def gonna watch he gr8t does anyone know who was singing the first song on this episode save me im lost or something like that sounded like a group thnx

    Yeah…it’s definitely Paris Hilton not Nicole Richie. Dirt Nasty pwned your ass omgblog.

    I still have one of his videos. Delightful.

    nicole richie?? omg rukm

    OMG! This was hilarious! LOVED IT!

    im so going to watch that.. when it comes on tv.

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