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!! OMG, his butt: Freddie Stroma from Harry Potter !!

I’ve yet to see the new Harry Potter, but I think I might go now just to see this Freddie Stroma character play Cormac McLaggen. Above, he dances in skivvies for Acne Underwear, but after the jump you can see some slightly NSFW mooning from gymnast rings for Acne.

EDIT: Apparently this isn’t Freddie doing the gymnastics, but whatever…still nice to look at.


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    now thats what i call hanging well

    I will still think of it as him. Also, did anyone else think his part in Harry Potter was WAY too brief? And not in a good way!

    Sorry Graydon, but this isn’t Freddie. Perez and Towleroad made the same mistake. His publicist released a statement and said that Freddie only filmed the ad campaign where he dances in his underwear, and this is a completely different person on the rings.

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