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!! OMG, it’s all the same: Music !!

Like you can roll Annie Lennox’s solo career up into ONE SONG, most crappy pop songs can be summed up in 4 chords.

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    There was this comic that did a routine which explored the fact that many of modern songs were also derivative of the chords of the Pachelbel Canon:

    God, I’m regretting even thinking this cause its so Gay Mens Chorus of me… but some of these songs aren’t actually in the same key… only like 3/4 of them are. Like the Men at Work song is higher than this… now, see I already regret pointing it out, LOL.

    That’s incredible and interesting. I love medleys! We always wondered how they can keep writing thousands of songs out of a finite supply of notes, and now we see that they really just use the same notes repeatedly.

    This is the basis of all mashups. And it is awesome.

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