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!! OMG, new Janet Jackson song: “Make Me”! !!

Janet Jackson released a new song called “Make Me” on her website last week as “gift” to her fans. More likely, she did it to gauge the reaction to the sound, which melds the fun, care-free disco vibe of underrated songs like “R&B Junkie” and ’90s hits like “All For You”, with a throbbing club beat. After disappointing turns on 20 Y.O. and Discipline, we’re happy to say “Make Me” is a step in the right direction and hopefully a prelude to the comeback we’ve been waiting for. Have a listen below.

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    um…this is about a week old

    This single is hot to death, but i’ve been spurned one too many times by Miss Janet to get too excited. I’ll play the waiting game and see what else comes out.

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