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!! OMG gossip: Real life rivalry on 'True Blood' !!


True Blood star Alexander Skarsgard wants more screen time than co-star Stephen Moyer. Perhaps they should settle things in the nude. [betty]

Enrique Iglesias has a giant, gold-plated penis! [dlisted]

Nicole Kidman loves her new boobs [popeater]

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt somehow have time to design jewelry for Asprey in between saving the world and making movies. [l.a. rag mag]

Tom Cruise wants Katie Holmes to play the villain in the new Mission Impossible movie [the superficial]

OMG magazines airbrush babies! [jezebel]

Cyndi Lauper vs. Madonna. Who thinks Cyndi won the battle? [kenneth]

OMG shirtless skater boys at the beach! [oh la la]

Why did Lindsay Lohan show up on the red carpet with a back brace? [yeeeah]

Sexy gay brothers Sam and Dan play shirtless mud volleyball on The Amazing Race [greg]

Reese Witherspoon dumps her trash in neighbors bins [hollywood rag]

Adam Lambert's new music video features leather and loin cloths [socialite life]

And he's talking about doing it with a woman. Do we believe him? [anything hollywood]

Universal Studios "simplified" the names and images of black cast members away from the poster for the UK release of Couples Retreat [evil beet]

10-year-old refuses to pledge allegiance to the flag until gays can marry [towleroad]

OMG gossip: Tom Cruise will punch you
OMG gossip: It's the dress Tom Cruise wanted to wear
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OMG gossip: Brad and Angelina take up more real estate
OMG gossip: Andre Agassi did drugs

» posted by Frank on Monday, November 16, 2009
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