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!! OMG, He’s Naked Again: Rico From I Love New York !!

When last we checked in with Rico, would-be suitor of I Love New York’s Miss Tiffany Pollard, he had forsaken VH1 reality-ho stardom in favor of becoming a straight porn star by the name of Marco Rivera. Now he’s one step closer to gay action, starring in a solo video over at Cocksure Men (link VNSFW!). We’ve got a few stills of “Marco” after the jump, and he looks better than ever. (Except, of course, for the shaved, stubbly pubes.)
Do not click if you are at work. We mean it!

If you want much, much pornier images of New York’s erstwhile beau, head over to Cocksure Men.

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    am i the only one that thinks his face look dead…like a zombie..theres like NO color

    Wow! I agree with Ryan!! He would look sooo much hotter with a bush!

    who the hell cares a bout a zit on his forehead…dam…hes cute as hell and anyone saying they wouldnt do him is a liar!! yeah u!! lol i love a natural man… bad pore and all!

    I like the shaved stubly pubes.

    Much rather see him with a bush and hairy balls!!!

    He is very hot!

    I love a man with an arrow pointing to the proper place of penile pleasures!!! heheeeheeeee

    Damn fucking tasty! I love the foot shots. I’d hit it for sure!

    Nice feet, they couldn’t of covered up that zit on his forehead? Or waited until it cleared up? Yikes.

    I like this one. Great smile.

    not cute

    OMG, I clicked on it AT WORK!! =

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