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!! OMG, How Useful: Banana-peeling the Monkey Way !!

There are no actual monkeys in this video ( 🙁 ) but I am bringing it to you because I never knew you could peel a banana this way and it seems so much more efficient. Keep in mind that I don’t actually like bananas, so maybe everyone else already knew this. But if that’s the case, why don’t I ever see anyone doing it this way, when it’s clearly better?

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    I love how he has problems opening the banana when there’s clearly a rack of knives sitting RIGHT THERE.

    Everyone I know peels bananas this way, I’m surprised you’ve never seen it before. Also, once it’s peeled, you have a little handle to hold onto while you eat it.

    There are lots of monkeys on the pjs, and I suspect a hidden banana.

    The guy should have shown more of his cute face — then I would have been much more interested.
    For the record, you’d still have to bite off and spit out the end of the banana anyway, so I say Meh.

    My aunt is from the Philippines and this is how she peels bananas. It makes so much sense.
    (Also, could you put up a video of a monkey? And not one raping a frog this time.)

    Go ahead. Look like an ape.

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