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!! OMG, His Butt: Johnny Weir !!

Johnny Weir’s not exactly my type if you know what I mean, but after seeing his crazy-nice ass on Be Good Johnny Weir last night, I’m half-willing to consider. See it after the jump. NSFW.

Thanks to reader Johnny (unrelated?!) for the screen cap!

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    I’m not gay but I would pound his ass until he cried.

    Not my type either. To fem looking in the face but he’s got a phenomenal body so I’d still do him 😀

    I didn’t even know this guys name until he showed up on SOUP. I was completely unimpressed until that ass shot. I’m in agreement – totally not my type but I’d tap that in a minute.

    As long as he’s bent over, face in the pillow, and never speaks….I’d hit it…

    I don’t really know what you mean (I didn’t see this doc you speak of.) Do tell.

    I think Johnny is the most absolutely sexy man in the entire universe. I dream about him at night 🙂

    He has a nice ass, and I think he is a good looking artis.

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