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!! OMG, Pole Dancer Ruins Wedding !!

Yet another exhibit in the case against heterosexual marriage!
(Via Lady Bunny)

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    I wouldn’t say it’s another case against heterosexual marriage, I’d say it’s another case of not having a drunken tramp at your wedding LOL

    Talk about bring the house down with a performance.

    yeah, omg compatriot kevin points out that it’s a heineken ad or something along those lines. still funny (to me) though.

    It’s surprising the bride didn’t break out a can of ‘bitch be gone’ when the drunk chick started flirting with the groom. Then the bride gets bloodied when the tent came down.

    This is sooooo obviously staged!

    The Bride is way more placid then I would have been. Hope the pole smacked Miss. Red upside the head.

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