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!! OMG, Taylor Swift just wants to say that she’s thinking of you… !!

She sings, plays the guitar, she writes her own songs… what CAN’T Taylor Swift do?! (Besides sing a duet with Stevie F*ckin Nicks for Goddess’s sake!)
FORGET THE STEVIE NICKS DISASTER! JUST PUT IT OUT OF YOUR MIND! Focus on this: Ms. Swift now has her own line of greeting cards, soon to be available in a CVS near you. I hear Taylor’s at home right now scribbling little rhymes and slogans and hearts in her composition book. Let’s hope this time she can come up with something less retarded than “You were Romeo / I was the scarlet letter.” Cause I’m sorry but that’s I think the stupidest song lyric ever written!
(MTV Buzzworthy)

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    gr8 …………………………..!

    Fearless = Terrified. Really?
    The girl is just so sugar, I can’t stand it! lol
    And just HOW did she win Album of the year?! That is just wrong…

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