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!! OMG, He’s Gay: Anti-Gay State Politician Roy Ashburn !!

Who would ever dream that an anti-gay state senator would turn out to be a drunk and corpulent homosexual?
Oh actually everyone would guess that! Because it seems to be what happens every time!

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) ― Sources tell CBS13 a state senator from Southern California was arrested for allegedly driving drunk after leaving Faces, a gay nightclub in midtown Sacramento, early Wednesday morning.
The California Highway Patrol pulled over Senator Roy Ashburn at 2:00 a.m. Wednesday after an officer noticed a black Chevy Tahoe swerving at 13th and L Streets.
Ashburn, a father of four, is a Republican Senator representing parts of Kern, Tulare and San Bernardino Counties with a history of opposing gay rights
When the officer stopped the state-issued vehicle, the driver identified himself as Senator Ashburn. He was arrested without incident and charged with two misdemeanors: driving under the influence and driving with a blood alcohol level higher than .08% or higher.

(CBS 13 via The Awl)

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    Hypocrites like him totally deserve to be outed.

    wow…thats soooooo….REPUBLICAN

    totally sick of this crap. he his gross in more than 7 ways.

    Hey, I’m sure it was just ummmm “research”.

    It’s not like you guys to forget to mention he was in the company of “an unidentified male.”
    You must have been tired. Lol

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