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!! OMG, music video round-up: Peaches does Dorothy, Finland does Gaga, The Temper Trap get cute, Estelle & Kardi reunite !!

The first item in this week’s round-up of must-see music videos comes from mustachioed Ssion mastermind Cody Critcheloe. It’s a revisionist take on The Wizard of Oz for Peaches and it co-stars former Yo Majesty emcee Shunda K. If you are a female rap aficionado and a close personal friend of Dorothy, then this is the moment you have been waiting for.

The handful of programmers that still air music videos on television should pull the original “Bad Romance” video out of rotation and replace it with this epic performance from the Finnish TV show Battle of the Choirs. (Via Popjustice)
More videos after the jump!

I’m not huge into emotive British stadium rock, nor am I into the kind of emotive Australian stadium rock that reminds me of emotive British stadium rock, but the new video for Aussie band The Temper Trap is too cute and clever to ignore. Be sure to watch it to the very end.

Finally, British singer Estelle is back with a new David Guetta-produced club jam called “Freak” that also features rapper Kardinal Offishall. The last time the two emcees teamed up the result was “Magnificent”, a quintessential summer jam and one of the best tracks off Estelle’s sophomore album Shine. As far as club jams go, “Freak” is solid, but was anyone else caught off guard by this hard turn into booty beats?

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    That rendition of Bad Romance was really BAD!
    Plus… what kind of choir is that? Does their church know that Lady Gaga supports gays? Don’t they know they’re going to burn in hell?

    Oh god! No no no xD I love Marco Hietala to pieces (Nightwish ftw!) and I love Lady GaGa, but oh no.. maybe if they were singing on-key it be a great rendition. It is epic though!

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