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!! OMG, Take It Off: Boys strip for Ke$ha !!

I may not understand this Ke$ha person at all, but if there’s one thing I do understand it’s boys dancing in their underpants. A bunch of totally str8-acting (uh…) fratboys musclejocks recently got it in their heads to strip down to their 2Xists and make a music video for Ke$ha’s TAKE IT OFF. Yes please! And don’t make fun of them, otherwise they might not want to do it again…
[Via Queerty]

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    The guy in the Celtics shirt makes my heart go BOOM! This is cute (the first half, at least), but the song is DOG.

    Hey, gay boys are just having fun and why not?

    Hahahah I love it… manhunt!

    Yep, they are gay

    I was joking about the straight-acting thing! these boys are clearly about as straight as lady gaga’s bachelor uncle…

    uhhh . . . str8? did ya’ happen to notice the website on the computer in the last shot?

    That was the gayest thing EVER! (and I liked it)

    Why would anyone think these guys are straight?

    Boys of Boston is an all-gay rugby team…. so really not that straight acting….

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