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!! OMG gossip: Jake Gyllenhaal's beefiest role yet !!


Beefy Jake Gyllenhaal shows skin for Prince of Persia [towleroad]

What do Lady Gaga and Sarah Palin have in common? [popeater]

Homewrecker Rielle Hunter explains why she's not a homewrecker [evil beet]

Sandra Bullock has secretly adopted an (American!) black baby [ninjadude]

Jessica Alba almost burned down her hotel [allie]

OMG preview The Real L Word! [popbytes]

Johnny Weir gives good forehead [bwe]

OMG grandma is having a baby with her biological grandson! [dlisted]

Katie Holmes will play Jackie Kennedy [socialite life]

Jenna Jameson did not have drugs in her pee [hollywood rag]

You can rent Stephen Dorff's Malibu beach home [l.a. rag mag]

Meanwhile no one wants to buy Britney Spears's Beverly Hills mansion [betty]

OMG Jersey Shore groupies! [drunken stepfather, link nsfw]

Remember the B-52's album "Mesopotamia"? [kenneth]

OMG name the celebrity who has NOT had a nose job! [cityrag]

Pubes in the forest... Pubes in the forest... Is this fashion? [oh la la]

OMG, when cats attack! [tabloid prodigy]

OMG gossip: Has Lindsay Lohan finally fallen and can't get up?
OMG gossip: Stephen Baldwin is sucking in those cheeks for dear life
OMG gossip: 'Twilight' stars have help with their abs
OMG gossip: Neil Patrick Harris names names
OMG gossip: Kylie climbs that mountain

» posted by Frank on Thursday, April 29, 2010
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