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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, He’s Naked: Sex and the City 2’s John Antorino !!

A kind reader went through the whole cast list for the new Sex and the City movie to see if he could find any hot naked guys, and guess what? He hit paydirt with a bunch of porny pictures. While John Antorino is no certainly no Aidan– he plays “golfer”– he’s certainly a lot nakeder than I ever saw Aidan. And a lot nakeder than I’d ever want to see Mr. Big, who at this point I’m certain is wearing full body Spanx at all times.
A very naked John Antorino after the jump. NSFW. He’s wearing some kind of gladiator costume.
(Which reminds me– probably time to check in on Spartacus again…)

John Antorino.jpg
John Antorino2.jpg
John Antorino3.jpg
John Antorino4.jpg
John Antorino5.jpg
John Antorino6.jpg
john antorino butt mold.jpg
Thanks to reader Franklin S for finding this stuff!

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    Eh, he looks dumb as a box of rocks… I’d much rather have a naked Mr. Big in my bed.

    It’s not really a Gladiator outfit. It’s just a belt.

    holy, holy, holy crap!
    That is just TOO hot!

    He needs to trim the bushes….disgusting

    Thanks for the Sex and the City pics of John Antorino. Can anyone find out how to get pics of “Steve” (Miranda’s husband. real life name: David Eigenberg). He appears totally naked in “Take Me Out”

    satcfan, I do have a collage of David Eigenberg from Take Me Out, NY production. The quality is mediocre at best. I will pass the cap to OMG bloggers. If you want caps from the “Off-Broadway” production, they can be found @ http://rapidshare.com/users/5TGU9Q just scroll down to “CelebCastShots.zip”. It is a file within that zip file. BTW, the David cap is also located in the same “5TGU9Q” link under “CelebMainArchive_D” zip split files.

    Oh my God, I totally know what that’s from. A few years ago I was dating someone who was totally into softcore muscle videos, and those pictures are from a movie called “Muscle Raiders: Curse of the Naked Scorpion” from Sharpshooter studios. It’s just as silly and un-erotic as it sounds. Check it out here: http://www.sharpshooterstudios.com/nakedmuscleraiders.shtml

    he has an odd dick. not hot.

    Gross, i think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

    That’s the lamest gladiator costume ever. It’s just a belt, and it looks nothing like the belt a gladiator would wear.
    It’s more “guy who shops at army disposal store and found a sword somewhere”.

    I like his bush…he does not have to trim shit!!!

    That spanx comment makes me sad… may you never need spanx, cuz if you ever do, you’ll feel sad too
    Moving on… love the pics, hot and hilarious all at once. Love ur blog (for realz)

    John Antorino has done lots of gay work under the name Sabastian Steele. He was in MEN, Unzipped and also posed for Playgirl.

    I think he and his bush are damn sexy. And yeah, he was on the cover of MEN magazine a bunch of years ago.

    gladiators did not dresss like that. And much less use a machete, Latin America special knife use for agriculture, specially sugar-cane cutting. He has well formed buttocks,crack inviting eagerly for big cock penetration!

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