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!! OMG, Give yourself Carrie-hair with the Sex and the City hairitizer !!

Like many of you, I spend my nights dreaming of a world in which I am as glamorous, rich, and wealthy as Carrie Bradshaw! We already have a lot in common, after all: we’re both writers, we both love live in New York, and we both love to wear giant fake flowers on our persons. One sad difference, however is that I will never possess Ms. Bradshaw’s beautiful mane of honeyed tresses.
Ooops! Never say never! InStyle now has a nifty little program in which you can do yourself up with any of the Sex and the City gals’ signature locks. Feeling more like a slutty Samantha? Demure Charlotte? Even frumpy old Miranda? DONE!
You can even choose to adopt the girls’ retro hairstyles from the freewheeling 1980s– which is ultimately the coif I chose for the above picture.
How do I look? I’m thinking: ZA ZA ZU!
[Via Crushable]




    How did I not know that Bmad stood for Bennett Madison? I just reread Blonde of the Joke this weekend. My mind is blown

    I’m thinking Za Zu Pitts!

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