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!! OMG, How Embarrassing: Justin Bieber faces down a revolving door and loses !!

Important questions first: why in the world was Biebs staying at a Radisson!?
[Via DListed]

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    WHO CARES????

    Our local hospital has this type door and it’s a doozy. Invented by a twisted mind, for sure. I feel queezy every time I shuffle through this mechanism. Half the time it’s broken down.
    Justin, you’re excused!

    I hope he got his head checked out. Unattended concussions can lead to death like with Natasha Richardson.

    Not only does he not have any vocal range, or personal style, the hair will disappear, too.

    FYI The hotel appears to be a “Radisson Blu” property. Radisson Blu hotels in Europe (formerly known as Radisson SAS) are generally much nicer than US Radisson hotels.

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