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!! OMG, They’re Friends: Lance Bass and Lorenzo Martone !!

Spotted! OMG Spies tell us that former N*Syncer Lance Bass and former Marc Jacobs gay husbo Lorenzo Martone were spotted doing some poolside lounging on the roof of the Soho House in NYC on Sunday afternoon.
While it’s unclear whether the boys relaxations were of the intimate or platonic variety, Lorenzo and Lance sure were whiling away the gay hours in the summer heat. (Annabelle Bronstein, however, was nowehere in sight…)

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    Lorenzo and Marc are still together.

    OMG Lance Bass…It should never have been news about this guy….He’s not only let’s say unattractive but also boring.

    I love the last tidbit..Annabelle…AKA Samantha! LMAO!!!

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