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!! OMG, Goodbye to All That Cooch: Wonder Woman Finally Covers Up Her Wonder-vaj !!

Wonder Woman is finally hanging up her star spangled panties and putting on some ladylike tights. The famous superheroine started her career in a little skirt thingy but quickly traded it in for her classic undies-and-bustier look (I guess because it was too easy to see up the skirt thingy when she was flying around in that invisible plane?) and is now finally opting for a more modest “fashion aerobics” look, which also includes a leather jacket and more elaborate bracelets.
The new outfit, designed by artist Jim Lee, will make its debut in the upcoming Wonder Woman #600. Not to worry, though: we may have seen the last of Wonder Woman’s side-cooch, but some things remain the same. She’s keeping the tiara!
[Newsarama via DListed]
P.S., As a special Wonder Bonus, I’ve included my favorite-ever of Wonder Woman’s specialty frocks after the jump!

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    I also like her biker outfit. Maybe you could post that one too in the future.

    I love how that was clearly a pool.

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