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!! OMG, How Festive: Lady Gaga’s graduation finery !!

Cue the hateration/adoration, depending on which way you’re inclined! Lady Gaga showed up at her sister’s graduation looking like Raiden from Mortal Kombat on his way to a tranny funeral, and while many people will probably accuse her of scene-stealing bitchery for stealing the show on Gaga Jr’s special day, I think she looks fabulous and celebratory! FINISH THEM!
[Lainey Gossip]

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    She’s crazy but we love her…

    Notice she’s giving us all the finger there, too. Classy.

    She’s a douche.

    She should have been a little more respectful..It wasnt her day to shine.

    Maybe her sister wanted to show off her Gaganess. I would bet if her sister didn’t want her to make a scene, she could have slipped in a little more discreetly.

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