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!! OMG, How Supportive: Lady Gaga talks Don’t Ask Don’t Tell on Larry King !!

Lady Gaga has a new British accent and hates Don’t Ask Don’t Tell! But really who cares what she’s talking about when Our Lady of the Gaga is dressed in Larry drag!?

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    You can tell she isn’t very passionate about what she’s talking about. She’s searching too much.

    i think you’re supposed to listen to the message and not judge her voice. she is awesome.

    What the hell is she talking about?? She’s thinking too hard!! 😉 peace

    I agree that she is trying to sound like Madonna. Maybe its a private joke because she sounds just like her.

    I don’t think the accent is from Britain, it’s from the Independent Republic of Madonna-land

    What are you talking about! She doesn’t sound particularly British to me and I am British.
    Go Lady Gaga!

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