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!! OMG, I Want One: Russian foxes for sale as pets !!

Picture 14.png

Having a sneaky little fox as a pet seems like a possibly-dumb idea and also maybe a cruel one, but who cares-- it's probably better than owning a chimp! And thanks to a company called Sibfox, this lesser-of-two-exotic-evils can now be available for just a few thousand USD!

According to the website for the tame fox distributors at Sibfox, the little beasts are ''as devoted as dogs but as independent as cats, capable of forming deep-rooted bonds with human beings.''

Well! I was going to ask for a fox-fur coat with a matching hat for my birthday, but now I think I'll just ask for a living, breathing foxy friend. You can order one for me here.

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» posted by Bmad on Tuesday, July 13, 2010
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