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!! OMG, Sweatiest-case Scenario: Military Leaders Spill Most Erotic Fears About Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Repeal !!

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“Our men need to know they can count on each other in battle, and we can’t have them getting distracted by illicit romantic dalliances. Especially if one’s a little blond Adonis farm boy and his buddy’s a real tough street kid straight out of Brooklyn. I mean, think about it: What if they lock eyes and abandon their post to start ripping each other’s fatigues off, revealing twin sets of glistening washboard abs and at last fulfilling their hidden passions?” – Gen. James T. Conway, commandant of the Marine Corps.

Yes, it’s a fake quote from the Onion, but this still seems to reflect the military’s real attitude about repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.
What they’re forgetting is that dudes in the closet can have sex with each other just as effectively as any other dudes. In fact, I’ve been told closet-sex is often much hotter.
[The Onion via Andrew Sullivan]

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