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!! OMG, He’s Naked: Anatomically Correct Ken !!

Isn’t it always so frustrating when you find a sexy piece of doll ass only to get him home, strip him down, and discover that he only has a smooth, lacquered lump where his peen should be? So frustrating!
Well there’s no need for it to ever happen again! Seeing a hole in the marketplace (so to speak!) an outfit called Batkat Creations has begun providing customized naked Ken dolls with giant dongs! For the Barbie who just needs a little satisfaction…
A few of my (NSFW) favorites are after the jump. Order your own here!
[Thanks to de Cosmos for the tip]


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    wheres the black one

    Where to get it ? ! ? ! …I’m wonder

    the 3rd one tottally looks like legolas from lotr… lol

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