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!! OMG, Hold Me Closer Tiny Dancer: Little boy outpussycats the Pussycat Dolls !!

If there’s one thing YouTube has taught us over the last few years, it’s that it doesn’t matter who you are: all you need to be a True Diva is a pink sheet, a bra, and a whole lot of chutzpah!
After the jump, watch the music video that inspired the dance: “Honey Trap” by Taiwanese pop star Jolin Tsai.
[Via New York Mag]




    Ohhhhhh Lord, bless his little heart ! The writing is truly on the walls with this kid.

    This is disturbing. Children should not be sexualized so young, and no parent should permit this behavior in their young child nor encourage it by filming it. It is not “cute,” it is creepy and disconcerting. I don’t understand what the point of posting videos like this one or the ones of little girls in revealing spandex grinding to Gaga.

    Love that he’s doing the dancing to Jolin Tsai’s new song!!! He’s pretty good. Here is her video for reference…

    The same little tubby kid made an homage to OshKosh B’gosh drag by wearing a denim skirt. In this video he is seen lip-syncing and dancing to the Wonder Girls’ Nobody.

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