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!! OMG, She’s Talking Again: Rosie O gets third chance from Oprah !!

Move over Ellen Degeneres! Lesbian entertainer Rosie O’Donnell is making a triumphant return to your television– and this time we’ll be getting koosh-tossing, Tom Cruise-loving Nice Rosie, not that “mean fat loud lesbian” Rosie who made Elizabeth Hasselback cry!
Her Royal O-ness Oprah Winfrey has picked up O’Donnell’s talk show for her new OWN network under the condition that she return to her nicey-nice roots. We’ll see if Rosie can keep her trap shut about 9/11 conspiracies and getting orally serviced by gangs of tanned, toned Amazons at the Dinah Shore Golf Classic.
Meanwhile, somewhere in Santa Barbara, Gayle King is rifling through O’s undie drawers and sniffing the sheets under the suspicion that this decision might be more than just business…
[TV Squad]

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