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!! OMG, Stop! Brad Goreski and Johnny Weir can’t decide who’s cuter !!

“You’re too beautiful!”
“No you’re too beautiful.”
“No, you’re too beautiful!”
“No, you are too, too beautiful!”
“Aww, that’s so sweet.”
“Wait, do I look fat?”
“No! You are too beautiful!
Pretty princesses Brad Goreski and Johnny Weir have spent all day cooing over each other like two insecure sorority sparklefatties getting ready for the annual Date Rape Formal. And now they’ve taken their RJ-fest to Twitter, where they just can’t decide who is hotter!
Aw! Maybe tomorrow they’ll start sharing their daily thinspirations!
(Honestly I’m just mad because I do think Brad is kind of hot. And he has no idea I exist :’-( )

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    Johny Weir is a weak faced __________ .

    How can you write this up without including links to Johnny’s pilates workout?!
    He is fucking perfect. Brad’s cute, too 😉

    Johnny Weir is the most beautiful man on Earth! 🙂

    Johnny Weir is hideous.

    I would DIE to see these two hook up. What a couple they’d make.

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