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!! OMG, Dress Him Up In Your Love: The Taylor Lautner Online Paper Doll !!

What better way to start your Thursday than by taking undie-clad teen werewolf Taylor Lautner and helping him get dressed in some hideously ugly clothes, all from the privacy of your own laptop? Of course it might be better if it was the real Taylor– but then he might talk, and I’m guessing that would be a drag.
(The one thing that seriously annoyed me about this game is that there’s no way to take his socks off, including when he’s wearing shorts! Gross!)
Thanks to Alex S for the tip!
[Taylor Lautner Dressup]

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    yeahhhh skip the dress up part and just press reset. so much more fun.

    just press the reset button and he’ll bein his undies no socks!!!

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