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!! OMG, How Obvious: Jon Hamm’s peen will not be concealed !!

If you couldn’t get enough of Jon Hamm’s unmistakable crotch bulge yesterday, then you’ll surely be pleased with his obvious peen-outline here, courtesy the Big Bulge Collection. (Link semi-NSFW)
Another picture of Mr. Hamm flaunting his besuited goods after the jump, along with a gratuitous close-up, for those of you who like to pay CSI-like attention to the details of your celebrity penis-pics.
Thanks to reader Brendan for the tip!

[via Big Bulge Collection, kinda NSFW]

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    What a crotch! What a hunk!

    he is so hot what a gift………

    He is probably not wearing underwear!!!

    oh god. I am filled with lust. damn…THAT is a MAN

    Seems like he has big balls as well!! He’s always bulging!!

    It’s a Certs, I tell you! It’s a CERTS!!!!

    Are you trying to give me a heart attack? What did I do to you?

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