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!! OMG, It’s Bulgy: Jon Hamm’s Package !!

Hey, have you been wondering whether Jon Hamm (also known as Mad Men’s dashing but troubled Don Draper) has a big D? Personally, I know that I was having a conversation about it just yesterday. (Pathetic, but true. Look, this is my life.)
Anyway, this photo, sent in by reader Antonio, lends evidence to my speculation that Mr. Hamm’s D is probably huge and perfect. Anyone with further photo evidence can please submit it to bmad@omgblog.com!
(And if you want to follow tipster Antonio on Twitter, it’s @ohbitchpleez.)




    Ok, do you NOT rewind the DVR every now and then on Mad Men to catch his big package in the tight suit pants? I know I certainly love watching for his bulge as we get a nice crotch shot of him now and then.

    As tempted as I am to believe that Hamm is packing, I think this picture is a trick of the light. Look at the lines of his hand and the shirt he’s holding vs. the lines of the shadow going across his crotch. The addition of the shirt shadow makes it look like there’s more of a bulge than there (maybe) really is.

    It was VERY visible in “The Town”. Thought I was imagining it at first, but then got another glimpse.

    DUDE…..calm down…it is his pants!

    you need to find more pictures of jon hamm! wether real or not, it looks great! 🙂

    This is no trick of the light…..he’s definitely not lacking down below. His costumes on the previous seasons of Mad Men had tighter suit pants than this year and showed A LOT more. Someone obviously mentioned it to the costume department because we only get an occasional glimpse now.

    looks like he is going to the laundromat with a roll of quarters in his pocket.

    I posted the “trick of the light” comment before the next post with him in the suit pants showed up. I’ve never seen Mad Men– my only exposure to Jon Hamm has been a few guest spots like his role on 30 Rock. He obviously packs a fire hose, and I am no longer a skeptic. Although I wouldn’t mind seeing him nude for a little extra proof.

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