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!! OMG, Kawaii!: Drive your very own Hello Kitty Car !!

Are you an eight-year-old girl who miraculously has a driver’s license but can’t manage to find an age-appropriate set of wheels? Well yay, because a solution for you has arrived! Sanrio, creators of Hello Kitty and her many furry/scaley/slimy friends, is now selling several elaborate Hello Kitty customization packages for SmartCars, ranging from a mere $550 for just the doors to $1,700 for a full-car wrap. Still a bargain, right? Order yours now!
[thank to de Cosmo for the tip!]

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    Is this for real? Hello kitty cars are fabulous! I really want to have it.

    Too bad it’s a Smart – I would love a Mini Cooper or a Fiat 500 – or even better: A Mustang 😉

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