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!! OMG, What a Catch: Phone Booth Suitor Goes Searching for His Perfect Mate !!

Hey white outies (what’s an outie?) and hispanic honeys– have we got a catch for you! The above ad, placed by one 40-year-old UPS mail sorter named Malik, has been spotted on several phone booths around the city. Do you make the cut to zig-a-zig-ah?
The thing is, I know the perfect big-chested, hockey-loving, blonde-haired promisicuous honey for this guy– but her favorite color is mauve. Oh well.
[NY Post via Gawker]




    My guess is it was supposed to say “Hotties”, hot “Outties”. Maybe spelling isn’t on his lists of musts?

    I’m thinkin it’s Cuties. My writing is similar.


    This guy better talk to Hiroshi Ishiguro if he want’s a woman that perfect. You aint gonna find one lingering around a phonebooth.

    Look closer Bmad – it’s definitely “cuties”.
    On a side-note, I’m worried by anyone who writes notes in all caps.

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