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!! OMG, What a Jock: Trace from Flipping Out strips down for Halloween !!

It’s possible I’m the only person in the world who watches Bravo’s Flipping Out— have we established already that I will watch absolutely anything that comes on Bravo?– but if you have been watching, you’ve undoubtedly had at least one on Trace, decorator Jeff Lewis’s twinky and constantly beshorted young assistant. I could never really decide if I thought he was hot or just well-groomed, but, um, click after the jump if you wanna see him in little more than a jock strap. And with that I think we can officially close the case.
FYI: There’s not technically any nudity but I personally would not look at this at my place of work.
(Via WOW Report)


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    Look at that face..beautiful…like you would kick him out of your bed…lol

    He can play for my team any day

    I love flipping out!

    Stay classy, you little fashion whore. I bet Jeff likes dominated this little power bottom.

    As we say here in the south, Id sop him up with a biscuit.

    Too thin? naaa. perfect size to bend over and…well, use your imagination.

    is there any fucking man on the planet who meets the approval of you people!??!

    I agree, way to thin

    WAAAAAYYYYYY to thin. Put on some clothes.

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