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!! OMG, watch the video for Scissor Sisters' "Invisible Light" !!

Scissor Sisters finally got around to doing a video for "Invisible Light", the best song on their third album Night Work. It's an homage to surrealist '60s cinema by filmmakers like Luis Buñuel and Henri-Georges Clouzot and it features a few naked ladies so make sure your boss isn't looking over your shoulder while you watch it... unless of course your boss is cool like that. It's directed by Nicolás Méndez, the man responsible for El Guincho's "Bombay" video.

In a recent interview with X Magazine, frequently shirtless Sister Jake Shears said he regrets not releasing "Invisible Light", an obvious crowd-pleaser at their recent shows, as Night Work's lead single:

I think 'Fire With Fire' wasn't the right single to release first. That's the heartbreak about it - it's something I always follow, always going with my instincts... Because, if you put something out when you're following your instincts and it fails, it's all on you. 'Invisible Light' should have been the first single.

BONUS! After the jump check out a clip from Henri-Georges Clouzot's unfinished masterpiece Inferno starring Romy Schneider -- a clear inspiration for "Invisible Light".

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» posted by Kevin on Monday, December 13, 2010
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what actress was in the clip?

» posted by Andrey | June 19, 2014 4:10 AM

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