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!! OMG, here’s proof: We were Born This Way !!

Born This Way is a new blog photo project that sets out to decide the “nature vs. nurture” argument once and for all.
See a few more of our favorite pieces of evidence after the jump!

(via Born This Way)




    This is genius.

    uhm… so hand on hip and feminine posture is the gay indicator. It’s an interesting piece but lets not take backward steps, ya know what I mean.

    OMG!!!! Stinking cute!!!!

    They are user submitted so these people are gay and don’t mind pointing out their emerging personality. Emphasis on “their”.

    Why are we trying to prove this statement, “born this way,” and to whom?
    Are these pics even supportive of this circular mission?

    “Feminine” posture is proof that gay men are born gay.
    Um, okay. How is implying that femininity in men = homosexuality not homophobic?

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