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!! OMG, he’s naked: Daniel Grao !!

What is it about Spanish actors that make them so keen to show peen? Not that we’re complaining. We already told you about Alejo Saura, who peels it all off for Bienvenido a Casa, and now fellow Spaniard Daniel Grao follows suit for his role in Reprimidos / Soledad es más puta en verano.
You can watch the whole thing on YouTube or see stills now for another slice of NSFW Spanish pie after the jump.

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    No, the bush is AWESOME.

    Why does everyone make a big deal about someone not shaving their bush? I think shaved and short trimmed is terrible.

    How many minutes into the movie is this? I don’t feel like skimming through it just for this scene.

    I’m spanish. You ask what is it about Spanish actors that make them so keen to show peen? Well, we are not scared to see peen or bun. Now I ask: what is it about americans that prefer to censor a film because of a peen than a masacre?

    What am I seeing there? Is that an enormous bush??

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