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!! OMG, tear: LeAnne Rimes sings with GMCLA !!

LeAnne Rimes joined the Gay Men’s Chorus of LA for its holiday concert, singing that Bette Midler classic, The Rose. A teary Rimes dedicated the song to the memory of those who took their lives and to anyone facing anti-gay bullying — a wonderful sentiment, yes, but what is she wearing???

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    Interesting; she sings with the gays, then she’ll be singing at a GOP event in Washington. I guess when your career is pretty much over, you’ll pander to any crowd.

    There are times when your snarkiness is inappropriate.

    What are you talking about? She is stunning!! Sexy, classy and sincere. Can’t you just appreciate when something is good and good for you without putting a bitch-stamp on it? Jeez, Mary! (and Joseph)

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