!! R.I.P. Broadcast’s Trish Keenan !!

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If you received a mix CD from me 10 years ago, there’s a high likelihood that Broadcast’s haunting pop song “Come on Let’s Go” was on the tracklist. Back then, the British band made hazy, languorous music that blended ’60s girl group melodies with psychedelic fuzz — perfect for romancing your college crush while simultaneously demonstrating indie cred.
Sadly, one of the driving forces behind Broadcast’s sleepy sound, singer Trish Keenan, passed away from complications related with pneumonia on Friday morning, according to a statement posted on Warp Records’ website. For more insight into the band’s oeuvre, which spanned four studio albums, read the tributes posted on Pitchfork, The Guardian and Daily Swarm.
The above photo of Trish Keenan was taken by omgblog.com photographer Robert at Broadcast’s 2009 concert with Atlas Sound at Lee’s Palace in Toronto. Below is the music video for “Come on Let’s Go”, taken from the 2000 album The Noise Made By People:

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