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!! OMG, cute: The dude, the dog or both? !!

This picture prompts the following questions: a) Who is this sortakindahot ginger? b) Why did the ginger cuff his baggy jeans? c) How much does the ginger’s dog weigh exactly? Because boy looks heavy and d) is or isn’t the ol’ pup thinking, “FML”?




    a) Yes he is cute … and so is the Irish Wolf Hound he is holding. b) My guess was to keep his pants clean should he step into a massive mound of this pups droppings. c) My estimate would be 90lbs. d) Pup is thinking: “Yeah try this in a year or so when I’m as tall as you!!”
    and just to be clear… Guy is hot ginge or not!!

    B)His pants are too long. If he’s like me, he’s not going to waste money taking jeans to a tailor to be hemmed.
    Cuffed jeans are kind of cute for the time being anyways. Another two weeks and not so much.

    The Ginger is definately hot. But what is “FML” ?

    maybe he cuffed his jeans to keep them from dragging on the ground? Groundbreaking.

    Not sure he’s much of a ginger, but he’s still adorable.

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