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!! OMG, he’s naked: Tom Hughes !!

Tom Hughes is one of those actors you don’t immediately recognize, even though you’ve seen him in a little bit of everything: CSI, Summerland, Frasier, Days of Our Lives. But in Die Mommie Die, you see more than just a little bit of everything. Enjoy after the jump!

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    “Die, Mommie! Die!” is an ultra-campy movie made by and starring Charles Busch in 2003, and he plays “Mommie” in this often hilarious melodrama.
    The DVD is available from TCM……


    yes, please


    Absolutely gorgeous…face, body, and a mouthful of dick….lol

    ummm im in luv

    And, Grrrrr.

    OML – I would pay money for time with him. And thankfully he’s not one of those actor’s who tries to hide the equipment!!!

    So, is Die Mommie Die a movie? I can’t seem to find any info on it anywhere…

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