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!! OMG, the biggest (and smallest) peens in the world !!

Does size matter? Does it really? Those of you who answered yes should book flights to Congo, Ecuador, Ghana, Colombia and Venezuela—the five countries a new report says have the largest average penis sizes. Those of you answering no then won’t mind penis-hopping your way through South Korea, Cambodia, Thailand, India, and Burma—the five countries with the smallest sizes. Click the map to make it larger and see where YOUR country ranks.
(via Popnography)




    So, what about the gray countries? Penisless?!?!?!

    the chart does look believable
    Durex condoms says france has the highest average for europe.
    and some anatomy books i read south Korea has the smallest because their genetic pool is so small.
    I love penis!!!

    I don’t think this is accurate, And I don’t think they actually asked people on each country how big their dick is. It’s not like all the men who live in those green countries have bigger dicks than the others, same way that not all white men are taller than Asian men. This is no doubt racist.

    uhhhhhh…so how was this data compiled? was every man grabbed and measured while erect? Was every man asked for his measurement? Was it based on old stereotypes?
    If you go to the source for the picture you will see the following:
    “EDIT: It has been brought to our attention that this map…is either highly flawed or entirely fictitious…we encourage you not to draw any conclusions from the map.”

    The list seems accurate. Have had good results from Colombia.

    Click on the link. The website says the information is bogus.

    I think the table is a little-bit over-generalizing. I mean, I’m not convinced that the United States is not at par with the European’s, and heck we have african-american, caucasian, asian, and hispanic, their dick size aren’t the same measurements.
    ***the grey portions in my opinion, are countries which they were not able to record or conduct a study.

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