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!! OMG, wet and smelly: Diesel’s Fuel For Life commercial !!

I’ve watched this commercial for Diesel’s new fragrance Fuel For Life a few times now, and — while the male model certainly is hot — I keep picking up on a watersports reference. You know, cause the bottle was in his crotch and then it’s shooting liquid all over him. Maybe I’m crazy. Am I crazy?
(via After Elton)

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    Hmm, you saw a watersports reference but didn’t notice a 69-ing reference near the end? There’s no question the ad was intended sexually with it starting with the bottle as a stand-in for the guy’s dick, but was the liquid gushing forth a reference to watersports or just a usage tip for how some people apply their cologne? Dunno.

    marlon teixeira is he’s name…

    Brings a new meaning to whore’s bath as well.

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