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!! OMG, he’s naked: Jon Fleming !!

If you loved Jon Fleming in Dante’s Cove, oooooooooh you’re gonna love him in a recent episode of Femme Fatales. The actor not only sports a shiny red g-string, but he also strips all the way down for some full-on frontal nudity. Oh, hey. See the NSFW shots after the jump.

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    mu oh my, isn’t he pretty? And he manscapes, too.

    Between the grotesque circumcision scar and the shaved-to-within-a-millimeter-of-his-life pubes it’s hard to decide which is more disgusting. Ick.

    always loved him. GLAD TO SEE he is so nicely CIRCUMCISED : ) YUMMMM

    Wow I always loved his shows and movies and now that I know he has a GORGEOUS COCK! I like him even more! How do I get this episode?

    ok as I 50 year old woman who “had her fun” in her day. i can honestly say I would trade it all for one night with Jon!

    Its my favorite show and when I saw Jon I almost fainted. To bad they killed him off I would love to see him on the show more!

    Gorgeous man! but no hair? That’s just nasty

    Hollwood needs a stud sex symbol like this! i cant think of any actor that looks as great as jon. I hope he is ready to have men and woman falling head over heals for him!

    Mmmm… yummy! 😀

    He really gets into character when he acts! Shaving his body and being evil, sexy and funny at the same time and god knows how many hours of working out! Nobody could play this role as well as him. I met him in Ohio on the set of his new movie “frat house massacre” and he took the time to sign an autograph and take some pictures with me. I am looking forward to seeing his career take off after the world sees his talents!

    Beautifully smooth body and nicely cut asset!

    Jon is HOT. However, I think it’s creepy and odd that so many comment on the fact that he is circumcised. What the F does it matter?

    nice cock, but he could use some more pubes

    Seriously, some of you guys act as if we had a choice in whether or not we are circumcised. Or for that matter how big our cock is.

    If I had that body, I’d show it too. So hot.

    The fact hes cut makes him better…

    BUZZY: “Between the grotesque circumcision scar and the shaved-to-within-a-millimeter-of-his-life pubes it’s hard to decide which is more disgusting.” ARE YOU THAT JEALOUS? I WISH I COULD SEE YOURS AND MAKE A COMPARISON!!! HE IS GORGEOUS, ALL THE DETAILS ARE GORGEOUS!!! YOU’VE MADE A DISGUSTING COMMENT!!!

    It’s big for a white guy.

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