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!! OMG, sing it: Cher to get her Gaga on !!

Now Cher and Lady Gaga have more in common than just a love of crazy headpieces. Cher announced via Twitter last night that Gaga wrote her a song called “The Greatest Thing,” which might in fact be the greatest thing to happen to music. Ever.




    As fabulash as that news is the picture you used is not the Great one it is Cheralike, Chad Michaels of San Diego DreamGirls Revue and Las Vegas.

    as hard as it can be at time to discern Chad from Cher this is no doubt Chad

    You headline should read, “Lady GAGA is getting her CHER on”. Cher was doing GAGA stuff 30 years before GAGA was even born.

    Actually, I think that is Steven Andrade from Atlantic City’s “Believe: In A Man’s World”.

    Thought it was Paula Deen.

    Love you stuff and love Cher but the photo you used is of a male Cher impersonator named Steven Andrade.

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