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!! OMG, we knew it all along: Homophobic men are aroused by gay sex !!

A recent study has confirmed that homophobic men are aroused by watching gay sex while other straight men are not. The results were found using an advanced piece of technology that we will call the peenometer. This might seem like a “duh” moment for some, but it’s nice to have our gut feelings confirmed with SCIENCE!
Read the full article at Psychology Today.

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    Like Dr. Smith said, it’s actually a fairly old study from UGA (I think it was UGA, at least. Otherwise, giggling over the “peter meter” in my grad school considerations is a bit misplaced). Malcom Gladwell mentioned it in “Blink” a few years back.

    I’ve always said those that scream faggot the loudest usually are.

    The study isn’t actually recent. It was published in 1996. The ’96 study was mentioned in a recent blog post that’s gotten lots of media attention.

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