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!! OMG, his butt: Joe Manganiello !!


Finally! The day we’ve all been waiting for has arrived. After the jump, see the NSFW shots of True Blood star Joe Manganiello‘s butt! *It does NOT disappoint.

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    Hi Jay, I can assure you Joe was 99% wearing a sock over his junk in that scene, but we will try to find it for you nonetheless! xo Frank

    In the latest episode of True blood Joe Manganiello has a quick full frontal. I am so disappointed it was not on OMG BLOG

    Cut or uncut, just DO ME FROM BEHIND!!!!! Oh the things I would do to him!

    Dude..I too hope he’s uncircumcized. Whoever wrote that stupid comment that being uncircumcized would ruin the whole thing is without a doubt a stupid cunt

    Now , that’s an ass!!!

    Poop can’t actually come out of that.

    God I hope he’s uncut.
    More foreskin for me!

    And you would know he’s uncircumcised how?

    nice but indeed! too bad he s probably uncircumcised. its ruinning it big time

    omg i would tear that up he so damn fine i mean seriously ORGASM!

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